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Braces in Jackson Heights

Traditional metal braces are devices used by our orthodontist in Jackson Heights to align and straighten teeth and help reposition them while also working to improve dental health. Crooked, overcrowded teeth may lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease since they are more difficult to maintain. Rekha Gehani, DDS, uses braces in our orthodontic treatment to correct under bites, misaligned bites, open bites, deep bites, crooked teeth, and various other flaws of the teeth and jaw. In order to prevent your teeth moving back to their original position, retainers are worn once the treatment with braces is complete.

Jackson Heights Orthodontic Treatment

Jackson Heights Orthodontic Treatment

Our orthodontist in Jackson Heights move your teeth as a result of force and pressure. In the case of traditional metal or wire braces, Dr. Gehani glues tiny brackets to the front of each tooth and uses arch wire and elastic to help align your teeth. Your teeth move when the arch wire puts pressure on the brackets and teeth, then rubber bands can be used to put more force in a specific direction. Braces have constant pressure, gradually, move teeth into their proper positions. This movement needs to be done slowly otherwise there is risk of tooth loss. This is why braces are commonly worn for approximately two and a half years and adjustments are only made every three or four weeks.

Once your braces have been removed, your bite corrected, and teeth straightened, the work is not totally done. Your smile looks terrific but in order to help keep your teeth in their new positions, it’s important for you to wear an orthodontic retainer. It’s necessary to wear your retainer exactly as our orthodontist in Jackson Heights instructs you, especially during the first year after your braces come off. This is especially important because it takes about 9 months for your periodontal ligaments to adjust to their new positions and if you don’t wear your retainer regularly, your teeth will shift. After the first year, many people only wear their retainer several nights a week, to make sure that their new smiles continue to look terrific.

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