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Orthodontics Jackson Heights

It is common to want a stunning, straight smile, especially if you are a teen. It may help boost your confidence and put you at ease when speaking or smiling. But there are plenty of medical benefits to having a straight smile, too. A straight smile and an even bite are both healthy attributes, especially in a growing teen. A misaligned bite can put a considerable amount of strain on your jaw when you bite or chew, and sometimes severely crooked teeth can make it difficult to clean and care for properly. Braces are used to rectify these problems and our orthodontist in Jackson Heights, Rekha Gehani, DDS, can help you get the orthodontic care that you need.

Our orthodontist for teens Rekha Gehani, DDS can help begin to treat any kind of malocclusion or other bite issue. Braces are most often associated with teenagers, but that does not mean that patients of other ages are not eligible for orthodontic treatment. Interceptive orthodontics is available for children with noticeable malocclusions or other problems. Oftentimes, orthodontists wait until all permanent teeth have erupted before continuing with orthodontic treatment. Some malocclusions, however, may only get worse if this is allowed to happen. The temporary teeth that children have act as placeholders for their permanent teeth, and certain conditions can benefit from interceptive orthodontics. In situations where waiting may result in the removal of teeth, then this method can be used for younger children. Traditional braces are offered for teens and adolescents here at the dental offices of our orthodontist in Jackson Heights, but can be used to treat adults as well. Braces are often prescribed for teens because their gums and bone mass are still compliant, whereas adults’ are more mature and treatment may take longer.

Our orthodontist in Jackson Heights, Rekha Gehani, DDS is prepared and fully equipped to meet all of your teen’s orthodontic needs. A preliminary exam will help determine what work is necessary and what sort of treatment will be required to get the smile that you have always wanted. Call us for an appointment to discuss all of our orthodontic options, including braces, today.

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