Orthodontic Exam Elmhurst

Orthodontic evaluations in Elmhurst

Orthodontic exam Elmhurst

Orthodontic exam Elmhurst

In order to straighten teeth and correct bites, orthodontic care and other similar forms of treatment are often required. Orthodontic treatment uses a number of oral tools and therapies in order to gently guide teeth into a straighter formation that can help to improve aesthetics as well as overall dental health. If you are interested in getting braces or if you have been recommended to an orthodontist by your local dentist, then you can get an orthodontic exam in Elmhurst here with Rekha Gehani, DDS.

Some people see orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons. For individuals with crooked teeth, it may be difficult to share their smile with others or open their mouths and simply eating or speaking. For other people, their dentist is the first person to recommend seeing an orthodontist because of a medical issue. Bites that do not align properly, severely crooked teeth, and malocclusions are all reasons to seek out orthodontic care. While these conditions can certainly have cosmetic impacts, the main goal of treating them is to improve dental health. Doing so can also help to improve the appearance of teeth, which is a plus for many patients. However, before moving forward with any kind of care, it’s important that you have an orthodontic evaluation conducted. During an orthodontic exam in Elmhurst with Rekha Gehani, DDS, all aspects of your oral structure will be thoroughly examined and your dental health will be looked at and cross examined as well. All this data will play into which treatment methods will be best for you, both in terms of your needs, preferences, and your budget.

Orthodontic care can encompass a great many things and it can help people achieve the smile of their dreams. If you are interested in getting an orthodontic exam in Elmhurst, then there’s no need for you to look further than our specialist Rekha Gehani, DDS to get the medical opinion that you are looking for.

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