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Are you coping with severe jaw problems that cannot be corrected by traditional means? Often times hereditary defects can cause problems that are simply beyond the means of tradition orthodontic care, but this does not mean that your smile is beyond hope, simply that it requires a more advanced means of care. If you are suffering from jaw deformities that constantly interfere with your life, there are treatment options available today which can correct your problems. Simply pay a visit to your local Jackson Heights orthognathic surgery practice of Rekha Gehani, DDS to find out how corrective jaw surgery can work for you.

Corrective Jaw Surgery Jackson Heights

Corrective Jaw Surgery Jackson Heights

Orthognathic corrective jaw surgery is a procedure that changes from patient to patient, allowing it to be customized as needed to fit a patients unique needs. This allows the procedure to be effect for a number of jaw issues, including protruding jaws, receding chin, facial injuries, birth defects, an open bite, an unbalanced facial appearance, chronic TMD, and chronic mouth breathing or dry mouth. Signs that a patient needs corrective jaw surgery including difficulty chewing or biting food, trouble swallowing, unnaturally excessive wearing of the teeth, lips that cannot meet without straining the muscles of the face, and headaches often caused by severe temporomandibular disorder. Often times one of the causes for a jaw deformity occurs when the upper and lower jaws do not grow at the same rate, creating a bite problem too severe for traditional orthodontic correction, which requires treatment from your trusted Jackson Heights orthognathic surgery in order to be properly healed.

Corrective jaw surgery is a complex procedure involving an orthodontist and oral surgeon working in tandem to custom create a complex series of titanium plates, wires, and screws that works to correct not only your teeth, but the actual alignment of your jaws entirely. These treatments often require orthodontic care both before and after surgery, and can involve a commitment of several years of care before your mouth is perfectly healed. It is for these reasons that neither patients nor their doctors should ever consider corrective jaw surgery lightly. That is why our welcoming and knowledgeable team at your professional Jackson Heights orthognathic surgery take the time to answer all of your questions about corrective jaw surgery to determine that this procedure is truly the right course of action for your smile.

At your neighborhood Jackson Heights orthognathic surgery practice of Rekha Gehani, DDS we are much more than your general dentist, but a team of oral surgery experts at a state of the art practice specializing solely in orthodontic care. Dr. Gehani has been healing smiles just like yours for over 30 years. You can be sure to find the level of personal and professional care you need with corrective jaw surgery from the office of Dr. Rekha Gehani, DDS.

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