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Now that orthodontics are more affordable, many adults are visiting orthodontic offices like Dr. Gehani’s to receive treatment for their misaligned teeth. Receiving braces or Invisalign treatment as an adult is important to correct dental problems that may have existed for many years as well as to correct an injury or prevent accelerated tooth decay. After spending many years without properly aligned teeth, adults find Jackson Heights orthodontics to not only result in a more attractive smile, but improve jaw function. When your teeth are properly aligned and kept healthy with good oral health regime, you can prevent bone loss, tooth decay and abnormal wear on tooth enamel. At the Jackson Heights orthodontic office of Dr. Gehani, we assist our adult patients in correcting a number of dental issues, including underbites, overbites, improper spacing, protrustions, crowding, crossbite, and midlines.

Though adults may have missed their first opportunity to receive orthodontic treatment, its important that you make sure your children receive orthodontics. The optimal time period begins at the age of seven, with an initial orthodontic evaluation which can anticipate future problems as well as determine what the most advantageous moment is to begin orthodontic treatment. At this early age, children can receive interceptive orthodontics, which can reduce the need for tooth removal, reduce treatment time with braces, but also work to create facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth and tooth placement. To find out if your child requires interceptive orthodontics, schedule a visit with Dr. Gehani!

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