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Orthodontic evaluations in Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights dentist
Jackson Heights dentist

Not all that long ago, you would have been advised to bring your child in for his or her first orthodontic evaluation around age 12. But the guidelines have changed, because there are benefits for coming to see our Jackson Heights dentist, Rekha Gehani, DDS as early as age 7.

Getting straighter, healthier, more beautiful teeth begins with an appointment at our office. We recommend that you bring her or him in regardless of whether there have been any signs pointing to the need for treatment. That’s because those indications are not always obvious. There is nothing to lose by having an analysis done. However, if you observe any of the following, then the need to bring your child in is imperative: finger or thumb sucking, misplaced teeth, difficulties chewing, mouth breathing, baby teeth either falling out too early or staying in too long, teeth that are blocked out, jaws making noise when opening or closing, or the jaws and teeth are out of proportion to the rest of his or her face. Our Jackson Heights dentist will examine your child and determine if she or he is a good candidate for braces. This is referred to as phase I treatment. Phase II treatment begins around age 12. And when you take the care to get out ahead of orthodontic concerns, the chances are that your child’s need for phase II treatment will be far less than they would otherwise be. That means less time, less effort, and less cost. Some children are spared phase II entirely by having this early intervention.

One thing is certain: to promote and maintain a lifetime of strong, healthy, well-positioned teeth, there is a lot to gain from bringing your child in to see our Jackson Heights dentist for a timely orthodontic evaluation. Why not call us right now to get started?

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