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Jackson Heights braces

Jackson Heights braces

Once your braces are removed, there is still orthodontic work to be done. Orthodontic retention is needed to make sure that your teeth do not move back to the place they were before you had your orthodontic work performed. At our orthodontic practice, Rekha Gehani, DDS, patients are able to have orthodontic retention care provided after the removal of their Jackson Heights braces.

When our orthodontist finally removes your Jackson Heights braces, and you see your beautiful new smile complete, you undoubtedly will be extremely pleased with the results. However, we want to make sure that these results stay with you for a lifetime. For this reason, our orthodontist provides patients with different methods of orthodontic retention. In order to make sure that teeth do not move out of place once orthodontic work is complete, patients generally need to wear retainers. Retainers are used, for at least a little while, after braces are taken off. Both adults and children need retainers after orthodontic work is performed. Some patients may use retainers to close gaps in their teeth, or to assist in solving speech problems. However, the most common reason retainers are used is to keep teeth in place after braces are removed. For teens, it is especially important to wear retainers because as a teen’s body grows, their teeth will shift some. The retainer will hopefully help to contain this shifting, and save your beautiful smile. Our orthodontist will fit you for a retainer and let you know when and how often it needs to be worn. The schedule that a patient needs to wear their retainer will differ from person to person. Some retainers are worn just at night, while you are sleeping. Sometimes retainers can even be used in place of braces. For example, a retainer can be used to move just one tooth. It may take time getting used to wearing a retainer, but you will eventually become comfortable with it in your mouth.

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