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Elmhurst retainers

Elmhurst retainers

If you are looking for a top-notch orthodontic practice, you should visit us at Rekha Gehani, DDS. At our office, our dentist, Dr. Rekha C. Gehani, can provide you with braces, Invisalign, or Elmhurst retainers.

A retainer is used after orthodontic treatment to make sure that teeth do not move back to their original position. It is very common for patients to wear retainers once they have had their braces taken off. Sometimes retainers are worn for just a short period of time. Our orthodontist will determine how long you will need your Elmhurst retainers for. The amount of time you wear your retainers for can also depend on your age. Other times, retainers can be used to perform other orthodontic functions such as closing gaps in teeth, helping to correct speech problems, or even solving certain medical problems. Children may need to wear retainers after they have braces removed because as their body continues to grow, their teeth will still do some shifting. A retainer that is provided by our orthodontist will help to stop this shifting which otherwise would naturally occur. Oftentimes retainers are just use while the patient is sleeping. It will quickly become second nature for our patient to sleep with the retainer in his or her mouth. Sometimes, a retainer can cause certain teeth to feel pressure for a few days. This is a normal occurrence. Retainers can also be used to correct tongue thrusting problems. The retainer will keep the patient’s tongue from going forward and in between teeth when he or she speaks. Sometimes when patients suffer with TMJ, they have a bite problem in which the teeth do not meet properly. TMJ can result in headaches, or jaw pain, or other symptoms. Our orthodontist can provide you with a retainer which will keep your mouth from completely closing at night, so you can not grind your teeth while you sleep.

For an appointment to meet with our orthodontist for any type of orthodontic care, including getting Elmhurst retainers, contact us today.

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