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Elmhurst retainers

Elmhurst retainers

If you are looking for an excellent orthodontic practice for either yourself or your child you should visit us at our office, Rekha Gehani, DDS. At our orthodontic practice patients are able to receive complete orthodontic treatment, including treatment with Elmhurst retainers.

Retainers are used to solve several different types of orthodontic problems. Basically, a retainer is made of plastic and metal and is custom-made for each individual who needs it. Each retainer is individually made. Retainers are commonly worn by both teens and adults who have had their braces taken off. Other people may wear Elmhurst retainers to close gaps between their teeth, or to help clear up speech problems. The most common reason that retainers are worn is to help teeth stay in their new positions after braces have been removed. If you are young it is especially important to wear your retainer because as you continue to grow your teeth will still shift. The retainer will help to stop the shifting from occurring. There are different kinds of retainers, some are removable and some can be permanently attached to the back of teeth. Sometimes retainers need to be worn at night, or for a specific period of time. Other times retainers are worn to help close the space between teeth, or to simply move one tooth. In these cases, a retainer is worn instead of the patient going through the entire process of getting braces. In these cases, all that is truly needed is a retainer to perform the needed tooth movement. When you first wear a retainer, you may feel pressure on your teeth but this is a normal occurrence. It will stop after a couple of days. Retainers can also be used in children to stop tongue thrusting. It can also be used to help some people who suffer with temporomandibular disorder.

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