Adolescent orthodontics Elmhurst

Adolescent Orthodontics Elmhurst

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Orthodontic treatments for teens in Elmhurst

Adolescent orthodontics Elmhurst
Adolescent orthodontics Elmhurst

Your teen or adolescent can benefit greatly from timely orthodontic care here at the office or Rekha Gehani, DDS. Properly positioned teeth are healthier and reduce the risk for tooth decay and gum disease. They are less likely to cause discomfort. And perhaps most important of all, they look better. We understand how essential that last one is to kids of a certain age, and it’s a big priority of our adolescent orthodontics Elmhurst.

Depending on your child’s circumstances, traditional metal braces might still be the very best option. They are no longer the thick, clunky monstrosities of years gone by. Today’s are more lightweight and stylish. They are excellent for very stubborn and difficult cases of teeth alignment. Metal braces are fixed, so you won’t have to worry if she or he is keeping the braces in. They stay in 24/7. What is certain, however, is that not everyone, especially teenagers, has the exact same preferences and needs. That’s why our adolescent orthodontics Elmhurst is pleased to also offer Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces. Instead of one set of fixed braces, Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that are removable. If they seem the exact opposite of metal braces, it’s also crucial to note that they do an outstanding job of moving his or her teeth into a more ideal position. It’s the perfect choice for kids who are self-conscious about wearing something on their teeth and who are resistant to metal braces for that reason. Invisalign will not cause any irritation or soreness as metal can sometimes do. And the removability of Invisalign brings with it two impressive advantages. First, your child can eat anything during treatment. Just take the aligner out and there are no restrictions to observe. Second, there are no adjustments because every two weeks, the old aligner is discarded, with the new one taking its place.

Which of our adolescent orthodontics Elmhurst is right for your child? Set up an appointment today.

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